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Welcome to my new website for 2018. I am a UK based session guitarist, guitar teacher and published author. Within the site you can find out about all my current and past musical activities, plus listen to some of my music. If you’d like to get in touch, please e-mail me using the address at the top left hand side of the page. Thanks for visiting!

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‘Pete’s a really great player and a highly respected teacher. And he’s as sincere as anyone I know about getting his students to a better place’

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Mike Walker -

Jazz Guitarist & Composer

‘Pete has what seems to be several lifetimes of musical knowledge, and is very generous with passing it along. A gift for teaching doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with being a great musician, but in Pete’s case, it does.’

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Joshua H. Gordis

Online Guitar Student

‘Pete Sklaroff is rightly regarded as a living legend in my part of the world. Pete very quickly spotted that I was trying to play B# Demented with a flattened 14th, before I really knew where C Major was. Without crushing my enthusiasm, he gently pointed me in the right direction…’

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Jamie Taylor

Jazz Guitarist & Teacher

Anyone thinking of getting some jazz guitar lessons should get some from Pete Sklaroff. He taught me at Leeds College of Music…I was lucky enough to be there when he was the Head of Guitar ..He’s the man!!!

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Nik Svarc

Jazz Guitarist

“…Head over to and check it out. Having a great time learning new things from Pete Sklaroff. If you are looking for some lessons to expand your skills, this is the guy to go to…”

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Greg S.

Online Guitar Student

‘Just wanted to say thank you for the lesson yesterday, it really felt like the start of an epic journey for me. Can’t wait for the next one. Some people just have that little extra when it comes to making you feel comfortable and getting information across. You’re one of those.’

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Stefan L.

Online Guitar Student

‘I had lessons with Pete when I was at LCM 10 years ago. He is a wonderful player, all-round lovely guy and very organised with teaching material etc. Definitely highly recommended!’

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Craig O.

Professional Guitarist

‘If you’re looking for a great guitar teacher I’d say Pete is one of the top guys in the country doing this right now.’

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Joe Alexander

CEO Fundamental Changes

‘Pete is an awe inspiring player and teacher, I really can’t recommend him enough!’

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John B.

Professional Musician

‘Just wanted to say the last 3 lessons have been really exceptional, I wish I had found a good guitar teacher much earlier in my playing life. Would have saved me a whole lot of frustration.’


Ian C.

Online Guitar Student

…Pete Sklaroff seems to be one of this county’s best kept secrets…he is an amazing player and by far the best guitar teacher I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a good few over the years) Just brilliant Skype guitar lessons from Pete…try one and you’ll see what I mean!…really, he’s that good…

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Simon Taylor

Online Guitar Student

…Pete’s Skype guitar lessons are brilliant!…I thought at first with his background he would just be a jazzer, but he’s a fabulous rock and blues guitarist too…Great teaching notes and backing tracks …not many genuine tutors like this around now, so book him today and see for yourself!…

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Mike Cooper

Online Guitar Student

If you’re serious about learning music and playing guitar this is the man…

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Brian T.

Guitar Student

Pete is a Master. He is certainly the man for serious guitar teaching...

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Jens B.

Online Guitar Student

…Sus9 voicings and Dominant 11 arpeggios today. Brilliant Skype guitar lesson with the excellent Pete Sklaroff today. More to come…

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Paul C.

Online Guitar Student

…Pete Sklaroff has been teaching me for several weeks now and I have made more progress in that time than I have in the past five years. Incredible teacher, amazing player and super organised too. I can’t recommend him highly enough…Book some Skype guitar lessons with him now before he gets too busy!..

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David Sinclair

Online Guitar Student

Recording Services

Session Guitar Work

My session guitar work covers everything from single guitar tracks for your latest musical project right through to entire albums.

With a resume ranging from playing on a No #1 European Rock single to work for one of the UK’s biggest music publishers, I can supply you with HQ guitar parts perfectly suited to your musical requirements.

All tracks are recorded at my home studio and can be sent to you instantly over the internet.

Classic Rock Book Samples

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