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Welcome to my new website for 2018. I am a UK based session guitarist, guitar teacher and published author. Within the site you can find out about all my current and past musical activities, plus listen to some of my music. If you’d like to get in touch, please e-mail me using the address at the top left hand side of the page. Thanks for visiting!

Guitar Lessons

Skype Guitar Lessons

Skype Guitar Lessons with Pete Sklaroff are now available worldwide. Musical styles covered include Bebop and Modern Jazz, Fusion, Classic Rock and Blues guitar. I also teach music theory and jazz improvisation and this can be for other instruments besides guitar.

All lessons include high quality PDF files of the material studied in each Skype session, plus fingerboard diagrams and MP3 backing tracks to help you practice. You are also welcome to record Skype lessons for your own use by prior arrangement. There is no requirement to be able to read standard music notation with my lessons, however they are not suitable for complete beginners and would best suit players with at least a working knowledge of common chords, scale and arpeggios.

You can see some short examples of my teaching approach within the site on the Free Guitar Lessons page. Please note that these free lessons are much shorter and far less detailed than my regular Skype guitar lessons or pre-recorded videos.

Pre-recorded video (correspondence) lessons are also available if you would prefer to study alone at your own pace. I also teach 1-1 in-person lessons in the South Wales area of the UK.

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For further details on my Skype guitar lessons and information on pricing, teaching terms and conditions, lesson availability and multi-lesson package discounts, please visit my main tuition page by clicking the link below. Alternatively, if you would like to contact me directly with any questions you might have about my guitar lessons, please feel free to send me an e-mail using the address at the top of each page within the site.

I have been teaching electric guitar professionally for nearly 30 years now, specialising principally in Jazz, Fusion, Classic Rock and Blues guitar styles.

The focus for all my Skype lessons is the learning of essential music skills as applied to the electric guitar and I promise you won’t be overwhelmed with unnecessary music theory or endless ‘hot licks’. A real-world musical education is at the core of my teaching and you’ll be working with familiar repertoire regardless of the guitar style you want to study.

You’ll develop your playing skills through carefully constructed lessons based around what you want to achieve on the instrument and in your chosen style.

My own educational background includes positions such as the Assistant Head of Music, Guitar/Bass Instrumental Coordinator and Head of Jazz Studies at Leeds College of Music in the UK. I taught Jazz and Rock guitar, Jazz Improvisation and Harmonic Techniques at the college for over 20 years.

My Skype guitar lessons are now available anywhere in the world via the internet and range from single 1 hr sessions through to discounted multi-lesson packages. My lesson packages offer considerable discounts and further details are available on my main guitar lessons page.

All you require for Skype guitar lessons is a good quality broadband internet connection and a webcam. The Skype software is free as are the videos calls, so there are no hidden costs.

Recording Services

Session Guitar Work

My session guitar work can range from recording audio examples for instructional guitar books through to full album projects. All tracks are recorded in my home studio and can be easily sent to clients over the internet, saving both time and costs.

Two recent book collaborations with the acclaimed UK music publishers Fundamental Changes are displayed opposite.

I recorded, transcribed and notated all the musical examples in these books and have also recorded hundreds of other audio examples for many of the other guitar publications in their musical catalogue .

I can also supply everything from single guitar tracks through to entire multi-track sessions depending on your requirements. You can hear some audio examples of this recording work within the site on the session guitar page.

Some of my most recent projects include playing on a No #1 Rock Single in Europe – ‘Victim of Love’ with Thomas Blug and Leonard Pospichal and also recording all the guitars on the debut solo album – ‘Speak Your Truth’ by singer-songwriter Saffron Byass in the UK.

I also regularly record demos for music technology manufacturers, especially with regard to amp modelling and cabinet impulse responses . Many of these demonstration recordings can be found on my Soundcloud page.

Produced in collaboration with the music publishers Fundamental Changes in the UK, ‘100 Classic Rock Licks for Guitar’ features phrases and licks in the playing styles of 20 legendary classic rock guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Kossoff, Tom Scholz, Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, Angus Young and Jimmy Page. Each of the players covered in the book has five signature licks notated in both regular music and guitar tablature and there are audio files to accompany each lick as well as backing tracks. Please click on the image below for more information about this publication.

Classic Rock Licks 3d Book cover Large 300x300 - PETE SKLAROFF

Amazon 5 Star ***** Review

“…100 Classic Rock Licks for Guitar Rocks! It’s an amazing compilation of ultra cool Classic Rock guitar licks/leads that you dreamed of playing while air playing guitar with your friends. But now it’s real and you can learn from your Guitar God Heroes. I am a beginner moving into the intermediate stage and this book of licks inspires me to plug in and play all day and all night…”

‘100 Classic Blues Licks for Guitar’ is a comprehensive collection of blues phrases and licks from the most famous electric guitarists in the idiom, including legends such as Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Freddie King, Elmore James, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Eric Clapton, Roy Buchanan, Peter Green and Jimi Hendrix. This book was also produced in collaboration with the Fundamental Changes publishing company in the UK.

The book comes with full tablature guitar notation and audio downloads of all the licks as well as backing tracks and two sample blues guitar solos which employ many of the licks from the book to help you structure your own authentic blues solos. Please click on the image below for more information about this publication.

100 Blues Licks for Guitar 3d cover 1 300x300 - PETE SKLAROFF

Amazon 5 Star ***** Review

“…100 Classic Blues licks for Guitar is a well executed, easy to follow and totally enjoyable study in the styles of various well known Blues musicians. Along with samples from 20 different musicians a short and interesting biography of each musician is provided...”

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