Recordings For Books

Recordings For Books

Over the last few years, I’ve increasingly been involved in recording audio examples for popular instructional guitar books. In short, this involves playing and recording the audio examples to be featured within a yet-to-be published guitar method book. This can be intensive but also very rewarding work, as I could be called upon to record anything from simple progressions with open string chords right up to advanced funk rhythms and jazz chord melodies.

Usually I am sent a series of chapter examples in regular notation (and tablature) in advance and then asked to record the audio examples at a specific BPM tempo. There is usually also a requirement to employ very specific guitar tones and stylistic devices. This kind of work reminds me just how important being able to read music is, as without the ability to do so, this work would be far harder to undertake.

Whilst I’m certainly no Tommy Tedesco on the sliding scale of sight-reading ability, I do have enough ability to quickly translate the parts from the draft examples to a recording. Being able to play accurately to a click track is also vital in this kind of work.

One of my main clients in the last few years has been the highly successful Fundamental Changes music publishing group. Founded only just a few years ago by one of my ex-students (Joseph Alexander) this company is now offering some of the best guitar tuition books around and their publications are regularly within the Top 10 on Amazon.

The company cover most popular styles of guitar playing and they have more recently branched out to accommodate other instruments as well. Well worth checking out their books. Here are just some of the many Fundamental Changes guitar books I recorded the audio examples for. Very much enjoyed doing them all:

Recording For Books






“…Pete’s been recording hundreds of audio examples for my company for the past four years. Everything is recorded to the highest possible standards and he gives me plenty of opportunities to check the music along the way…Wonderful guy, fantastic player and conscientious musician…”

Joseph Alexander (Fundamental Changes)

Audio for Guitar Books

Here are some details of the recording work I regularly undertake for music book publishers, involving the recording of audio examples for new guitar publications.

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