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My session guitar services range from single tracks through to entire studio albums. I am now frequently involved in the recording of audio examples for instructional guitar books.  I also record original music for commercial trailers and short films.

Recording Services

Session Guitar Tracks

My session guitar work covers everything from single guitar tracks for your latest musical project right through to entire albums and book projects. Regardless of musical style, I can supply you with exactly the guitar parts you require and at a fraction of the cost you might pay elsewhere.

With a recording resume ranging from playing on a No #1 European Rock single (‘Victim of Love’ with Thomas Blug and Leonard Pospichal) to extensive studio work for one of the UK’s biggest music publishers -Fundamental Changes, I can supply you with HQ guitar parts perfectly suited to your musical requirements.

All guitar tracks are recorded in high audio quality at my home studio using excellent guitars/amplifiers and studio equipment and can be sent to you instantly over the internet. This enables you to quickly obtain the finished recordings and without the additional expense of costly studio/equipment hire.

I can record everything from single rhythm guitar tracks right through to large multi-tracked projects featuring multiple guitars and tones. You can also review progress at any point during the process to ensure you get exactly the results you want for your project. If you require any guitar parts to be transcribed and notated (for example for book audio exercises) I can offer this service as well.

All guitar tracks can be supplied completely ‘dry’ without any external processing or if you prefer with processing/effects added to save you time and additional studio expense.

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Other Session Guitar Work

I regularly compose and record background and short incidental music for trailers, commercials and independent films. You can find examples of my work in this idiom on my Songtradr page as well as in some of the audio examples on this page.

I also regularly demo music technology software designed specifically for guitarists and this includes high quality amp modellers such as the incredible Scuffham S Gear (designed and manufactured by Mike Scuffham) and the excellent cabinet Impulse Responses created by in Germany.

I use both of these software programs extensively in my recording work and highly recommend them to recording guitarists. You can hear recorded examples using all this software within the audio samples on this page.

Session Guitar Sample Recordings

Here are some sample audio recordings taken from my Soundcloud page. These range from commercially produced session guitar work through to personal recordings, cover versions and original compositions.

Session Guitar Pricing

As all recording projects are different and require specific and unique approaches , please do contact me directly for a no-obligation quote on your project.

No work will be undertaken until you are 100% happy with both the overall timescale and the quote and I’ll be happy to liaise with you during the recording process to ensure that you get exactly the product you need for your specific project.

Recording Services

Book Audio Examples

In recent years I have undertaken a lot of work recording guitar audio examples for music publishers. Much of this work has been with the UK based Fundamental Changes company, who are regularly among the top best music publication sellers on Amazon.

My two most recent book collaborations with Fundamental Changes are displayed to the right hand side of this page, covering Classic Rock and Blues guitar players and I have recorded many hundreds of audio examples for the other instructional publications in their catalogue, ranging from Jazz through to Funk and Rock guitar styles.

Classic Rock Licks 3d Book cover Large 300x300 - SESSION GUITAR SERVICES

Amazon 5 Star ***** Review

“…100 Classic Rock Licks for Guitar Rocks! It’s an amazing compilation of ultra cool Classic Rock guitar licks/leads that you dreamed of playing while air playing guitar with your friends. But now it’s real and you can learn from your Guitar God Heroes. I am a beginner moving into the intermediate stage and this book of licks inspires me to plug in and play all day and all night…”

100 Blues Licks for Guitar 3d cover 1 300x300 - SESSION GUITAR SERVICES

Amazon 5 Star ***** Review

“…100 Classic Blues licks for Guitar is a well executed, easy to follow and totally enjoyable study in the styles of various well known Blues musicians. Along with samples from 20 different musicians a short and interesting biography of each musician is provided...”

Pete played with Me in the Mid 80’s, and he later recorded with My Band ‘Blues ‘ N’ Trouble’ who were produced by legendary UK Producer Mike Vernon (John Mayall / Fleetwood Mac etc.) I remember Mike saying “I wish everyone was as good as Him!” FAB Player!

John Bruce – Blues Musician

‘Pete is a great guitar player and a pleasure to be in the company of. Working in the studio with him is always a pleasure and his ideas are always in service to the project. Great guy!

Alex Eden – Factory Street Studios

‘Pete’s been recording hundreds of audio examples for my company for the past four years. Everything is recorded to the highest possible standards and he gives me plenty of opportunities to check the music along the way’

Joseph Alexander – Fundamental Changes

‘One of my favourite aspects of this album is the superb playing of  guitarist Pete Sklaroff. Indeed, Saffron describes the album as” indulging my passion for the sound of the Fender Stratocaster “. If proof were needed, just listen to Pete’s solos in “Let It Go” and “Yes I Do”.

Fatea Records Review

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