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Jazz – Rock – Blues – Fusion

I teach most styles of electric guitar playing including Classic and Modern Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Classic Rock and Blues. You can find out more information about my teaching syllabus below. All Skype guitar lessons are of a one hour’s duration (inclusive of PDF notes and MP3 audio) and I also offer pre-recorded video correspondence lessons.

Guitar Lessons

Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons

I offer HQ Jazz guitar lessons over Skype or by pre-recorded video correspondence lessons. Skype lessons and correspondence guitar lessons are now available worldwide.

Educational Background

I have 30 years professional experience as a Jazz guitar teacher and performer and I have also studied with many well known jazz musicians including the famous pedagogue Charlie Banacos.

I am also the former Head of Jazz Studies, Guitar and Bass Instrumental Coordinator and Assistant Head of Music at Leeds College of Music in the UK, where I taught for over 20 years at both under graduate and post graduate levels.

I also redesigned and implemented the Jazz curriculum at the college whilst a member of the teaching faculty.

I cover Classic and Modern Jazz styles in my lessons and you will study everything from the common Jazz standards and blues forms right through to the most modern Jazz repertoire in a systematic and thorough program of musical study.

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Skype Lesson Requirements

The basic requirements for Skype lessons are only that you have a stable (preferably high speed) broadband internet connection and a good quality webcam or built-in computer camera suitable for video calls.

Study topics covered in my jazz guitar lessons can include (but are not restricted to):

Single-line Jazz Soloing, ‘Comping’ and Chordal Accompaniment, Chord on Chord Substitution, Idiomatic Jazz Vocabulary, Solo Jazz Guitar Styles, Common Jazz Standards.

Rhythm Changes, Jazz Blues forms, Coltrane Patterns and Motifs, The Major and Minor II V I progressions, Asymmetric scales and modes, Symmetrical scale forms including Diminished and Whole Tone scales.

Learning Songs, Playing in all keys, Employing Major and Minor Pentatonic scales, Quartal Harmony, Modal Jazz, Triads over Bass notes, Melodic Minor and Harmonic Minor Harmony, Rhythmic Awareness and Jazz Time-Feel

Polyrhythms and Rhythmic Displacement, Clustered Chords, Intervallic Improvisation, Chromatics and Approach Notes and Motific Soloing.

Coltrane Changes and the Giant Steps progression, Tritone Substitution, Cycles and Turnarounds, Double Chromatics, Bebop Scales.

Advanced Improvisation Techniques, The Harmonic Major scale and modes, The 12 Essential Rhythms, Advanced Jazz Phrasing, 4 note groupings and Scale superimpositions.

My Rock and Blues guitar lessons principally cover the following areas:

Major/Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scale Soloing, String Bending and Vibrato Techniques, Developing Time and Rhythmic Awareness, Learning Rock and Blues Vocabulary, Idiomatic Rhythm Guitar Styles, Common Rock & Blues Repertoire, Using Triads for Soloing.

Classic Rock Lead Guitar Styles. Hendrix-style Rhythm Guitar, Applying Intervals to Solos, Using Power Chords and Diads, String Skipping, Arpeggio Picking, Using Double-Stops, Developing Fingerboard Knowledge and Understanding.

Sight-Reading and Guitar Tablature, Common Harmonic Progressions in Rock and Blues and Electric Slide Blues Guitar.

Latin Rock guitar styles, Pop and Funk Rhythm guitar styles, Hard Rock soloing techniques, Soul and R’n’B rhythm playing, Using open-string arpeggios for rhythm guitar, Playing off the melody, Open tunings, Tremolo arm techniques.

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Guitar Lessons

Skype Rock Guitar Lessons

I offer HQ Rock and Blues guitar lessons over Skype or by pre-recorded video. Skype lessons are now available worldwide.

I have 30 years experience as a rock and blues guitar teacher and performer. I have performed with countless groups ranging from Blues bands and Classic Rock groups through to Soul and R’n’B ensembles. I have also played at prestigious UK venues such as the Hammersmith Odeon, Newcastle City Hall, Manchester Apollo and Wembley Arena amongst many others.

I am also the former Assistant Head of Music, Guitar Coordinator and Head of Jazz Studies at Leeds College of Music, where I taught guitar and Instrumental Studies for many years.

‘Just wanted to say thank you for the lesson yesterday, it really felt like the start of an epic journey for me. Can’t wait for the next one. Some people just have that little extra when it comes to making you feel comfortable and getting information across. You’re one of those.’

Stefan L – Student

‘Pete’s a really great player and a highly respected teacher. And he’s as sincere as anyone I know about getting his students to a better place’

Mike Walker – Jazz Guitarist

‘Pete Sklaroff is rightly regarded as a living legend in my part of the world. Pete very quickly spotted that I was trying to play B# Demented with a flattened 14th, before I really knew where C Major was. Without crushing my enthusiasm, he gently pointed me in the right direction…’

Jamie Taylor – Jazz Guitarist

‘Pete has what seems to be several lifetimes of musical knowledge, and is very generous with passing it along. A gift for teaching doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with being a great musician, but in Pete’s case, it does.’

Joshua Gordis – Student

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lesson Pricing

Lessons are currently priced as below for 2018. I reserve the right to change payment details at my discretion, but previously agreed rates will always be honoured for the duration of an existing lesson package.

(If you have to cancel a scheduled lesson, I will generally require 24 hours notice and will offer you you the same period of notice wherever possible if I have to cancel. I will always offer a rescheduled date in the event of a cancellation)

Please note that Payment via PayPal or BACS bank transfer is required in advance upon initial booking:

1-1 In Person Lessons (1 hour duration) £30 GBP
Skype Video Lesson (1 hour duration) £30 GBP
Pre-recorded Video Correspondence £25 GBP

NEW! – 3 x 1hr Skype Lesson Package – £80.00 GBP

NEW! – 5 x 1hr Skype Lesson Package – £120.00 GBP

NEW! – 3 x Video Lesson Package – £60.00 GBP

(All lessons are inclusive of PDF notes – in tab and regular notation – MP3 audio tracks)

Additional discounts apply on larger multi-lesson bundles, please contact me for further information on these if you have specific requirements.

Teaching Terms and Conditions 2018

(*Please ensure you are able to commit to the entire course of lessons if you are considering purchasing a lesson package, as refunds are not available once you have purchased either a Skype or video correspondence multi-lesson package)

(Please note that the copying or reproduction (by any means whatsoever) of my teaching notes or the recording of lessons is strictly forbidden without my prior approval and any unauthorised reproduction of teaching materials will result in the immediate termination of any existing lesson package)

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