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Below you can find out more information about my Skype, 1-1 and video correspondence guitar lessons. Skype guitar lessons are now available worldwide.

Jazz Guitar Lessons

In Jazz Guitar lessons you will study material including (but not restricted to) the following:

Chord Substitutions, Bebop Scales, Pentatonic Scales, Common Jazz Standards, Time Feel & Rhythm, Accompaniment, Solo Guitar Playing, All Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Scales and Modes, Coltrane Patterns and Cycles, Drop 2 and Drop 3 chord forms.

Jazz Blues progressions, Rhythm Changes, Chord on Chord Soloing, Using Chromatics and Approach Notes, Bebop Vocabulary, The II V I progression, Turnarounds and Cycle Progressions, Triads over Bass Notes and Slash Chords, Rhythmic Displacement, Quartal Harmony, Triad Improvisation, Using Motifs, Learning and Memorisation and Sight Reading/Tablature.

Rock Guitar Lessons

The Rock and Blues guitar lessons cover the following areas:

Pentatonic and Blues Scale Soloing, String Bending and Vibrato Techniques, Developing Time and Rhythmic Awareness, Learning Vocabulary, Idiomatic Rhythm Guitar Styles, Common Rock & Blues Repertoire, Using Triads for Soloing, Classic Rock Lead Guitar Styles.

Hendrix style Rhythm Guitar, Applying Intervals to Solos, Using Power Chords and Diads, String Skipping, Arpeggio Picking, Developing Fingerboard Knowledge and Understanding. Sight-Reading and Tablature, Common Harmonic Progressions in Rock and Blues, Electric Slide Guitar, Funk Rhythm Guitar and Alternate and Hybrid Picking Techniques.

Guitar Lesson Pricing

Skype, Video Correspondence and 1-1 Teaching Rates 2107

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