‘All The Things You Are’ – Comping Study

‘All The Things You Are’ – Comping Study

All The Things You AreHere’s a one chorus example of some jazz guitar chord voicings and common jazz rhythms that could be used over the changes to the well-known jazz standard ‘All The Things You Are’ in an accompaniment (comping) situation.

This example would work best if applied behind another musician playing an improvised solo and take particular note of the accents and anticipations I use in the rhythms.

All The Things You Are

I recorded this example (see attached MP3 and PDF file) via a guitar to MIDI converter using a piano sample so you can hear the chords as clearly as possible.

‘All The Things You Are’ Comping Study PDF

Take things slowly at first and learn each bar carefully before moving on towards to the remainder of the study.

Happy Practicing!