All The Things You Are – Solo Study

‘All The Things You Are’ – Jazz Guitar Study

All The Things You Are

Jerome Kern

‘All The Things You Are’ is arguably one of the most popular jazz standards of all time and is still a regularly played song at concerts and informal jazz jam sessions all over the world. In fact, within many jazz circles, the song is considered an essential composition to study and perform.

The song was originally written by Jerome Kern for the 1939 musical ‘Very Warm For May’ (the lyrics were written by Oscar Hammerstein II) and later appeared in the 1944 film ‘Broadway Rhythm’. Hundreds of jazz musicians have recorded the composition since then, including Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz, John Coltrane, Bill Evans and Sonny Rollins to name just a few. Many aspiring jazz players also use the shifting key centres of the song’s harmony as a practice vehicle to work on their soloing and accompaniment skills.

The notated jazz guitar solo below (which I wrote back in 2016) is primarily designed to offer you some melodic vocabulary that you could employ over the chord changes to the song. As jazz is really all about improvisation, it may seem strange that I’m offering you a fully written out solo study, but here’s why.

I’m not suggesting that you learn the whole solo verbatim (unless you’d like to of course) but rather that you find some phrases and lines that you like and work them into your own playing vocabulary. Many jazz players developed their art by learning some vocabulary from other players and then personalising it for their own improvisational style. Hopefully this study will give you some ideas that you can then develop up and add into your own playing.


All The Things You Are

As you can see from the excerpt above, the solo has a mixture of rhythmic approaches and melodic ideas, which should give you plenty to work on. I’ve also added an optional chordal accompaniment to the solo study in case you’d like to play it with another guitarist.

Firstly, here’s the full solo as a PDF download:


The full (one chorus) solo can be heard below as a MIDI generated audio file (piano samples are used) so that you can hear what it sounds like. I’ll post a guitar performance of it soon too and add it to this page.

The indicated tempo of 150 bpm is quite challenging, (especially for the 16th note passages) so be sure to work on the solo (or just some of the phrases) very slowly at first. Note too that the metronome click heard on the recording is playing in half-notes.

The tablature fingerings in the PDF are merely a suggestion, so feel free to change them to suit your own playing and technique.

I hope you enjoy this solo study and I’ll be adding more like this in upcoming lessons on the site.

Happy practicing,