Alone Together – Jazz Guitar Study

Jazz Guitar Study – ‘Alone Together’

Alone Together The jazz standard ‘Alone Together’ is one of my personal favourites to play. In this lesson I am giving you a complete single line jazz guitar solo to learn played over the chord changes of this composition. You’ll also see some of my improvisational thinking occasionally written into the score as well just to give you some thoughts to work with.

You may wonder however what the benefit is of learning a written out solo when jazz is all about improvisation?  In my view, it’s always interesting to study what other players have played over a song (that you are studying) and this is why so many jazz musicians do this using transcriptions.

It may indeed be that you find a melodic phrase or a rhythmic idea within a solo by another player that will give you a whole new perspective in your own playing.

Anyway, have a read through the solo and then if you have a backing track or preferably a musical playing partner, try the solo out over the chord changes.


Alone Together

Alone Together – Solo Excerpt

Here’s the entire solo in PDF format. I hope you enjoy working through it and there’s much more like this to come in future posts.

Alone Together Solo Full Score PDF


Happy practicing,