Bb Blues Licks and Double Stops

B Flat Blues Licks and Double Stops

One of my favourite blues sounds on guitar involves mixing single line ideas with double stops, and here are five Bb blues licks for you to learn. Most of these are for playing over either a Bb7 chord or in one case, Eb7 moving back to Bb7. These would be ideal for playing a blues in Bb or could even be used in Rhythm Changes.

Bb Blues Licks

Here is the full PDF with all five licks and they are notated in regular music and tab.

5 Blues Patterns and DS for Bb7 PDF

These can either be played all with a pick, or if you prefer with a hybrid picking style approach mixing fingers and the pick. Try to keep the triplet feel consistent here too as that is a really important part of the sound in this style of playing.

There is an audio file below with the examples played on a MIDI piano and remember also the PDF file of all the lines written out in tab and regular notation posted above.