Chromatic Scale in Octaves Picking Exercise

Picking Exercise – Chromatic Scale in Octaves

Chromatic Scale Here’s a great picking exercise using the chromatic scale that I learned from a classical guitarist friend many years ago. It’s an exercise that involves some steady and concentrated practice to master.

Ensure that you keep in position when you play it and it should really improve your picking technique. I generally play this with alternate picking, however you could also use hybrid picking as well.

When I use alternate picking for this exercise, I play firstly with a downstroke (followed by an upstroke) and then play it all again beginning with an upstroke. This way you really give your picking hand a good workout. Remember to practice very slowly at first before building up your speed.

Chromatic Scale In Octaves

Here’s the same exercise as a PDF file too, or you can print directly from this page if you prefer.

Chromatic Scale In Octaves – Full Score PDF

Happy Practicing!