Dann Huff Guitar Solo – I’m A Believer

‘I’m A Believer’ – Guitar Solo by Dann Huff

Dann HuffDann Huff is now a very successful music producer in Nashville, however prior to this part of his career, he was a first call session guitar player and also the  singer/lead guitarist with the rock band Giant. The debut album by Giant (‘Last of the Runaways’) heavily featured Huff’s incendiary guitar playing and here’s his amazingly fluid solo on the track ‘I’m A Believer’.

As a quick note, I transcribed this solo back in the 1990’s and only recently rediscovered it in some old paper files. It was transcribed without modern transcription software, so you may disagree with some small sections of the transcription but I think it’s broadly accurate. As with any fast solo like this (especially one recorded with a very high gain sound) getting every detail 100% correct is quite a task, so I’d strongly recommend listening to the recording closely.

Here’s a link to the track on You Tube: Studio Recording of ‘I’m A Believer’ by Giant

Now here’s the transcribed solo and further below you will also find a PDF file that you can print out to put on your music stand.


Dann Huff solo

‘I’m A Believer’ Dann Huff Solo PDF


OK that’s it for this lesson…enjoy this amazing Dann Huff guitar solo…

Happy Practicing!