Gary Moore Style Rock Licks

Three Gary Moore Style Rock Licks

jimmy pageThrough his solo work and alliances with bands like Skid Row, Colosseum and Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore was one of the most celebrated rock guitarists of his generation. A fiery soloist with a raw and powerful guitar tone, Moore was equally at home with hard rock, fusion or electric blues guitar. 

Possessing a formidable technique and a highly distinctive vibrato, Gary Moore’s playing was always about feel and soul. Whilst he could play as fast as many of the ‘shred’ school, he never lost sight of a song’s purpose and message. Here are three rock licks in the style of this great Irish guitarist.

These lines are taken from a book published by the Fundamental Changes music publishers and now available on Amazon. ‘100 Classic Rock Licks for Guitar’ also includes many ‘in the style of’ lines by other legendary Classic Rock guitarists, ranging from Ritchie Blackmore through to Angus Young of AC/DC.

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Gary Moore


Gary Moore


Gary Moore


OK that’s it for this lesson…enjoy these Gary Moore style Classic Rock licks…

Happy Practicing!