Modern Blues Licks – Gary Moore

Gary Moore Style Modern Blues Licks

Blues is highly emotional music, full of expression and dynamics and is also very enjoyable for electric guitarists to play. You can forget (to a degree anyway) about playing over multiple jazz-style chord changes and instead focus much more on your overall phrasing and style.

I began my musical career with a Chicago style blues band where I learned a great deal about blues guitar playing and was introduced to the music of many players I hadn’t been aware of up to that point. From the early musicians right up to modern day blues-men, I discovered a wealth of wonderful music.

Alongside the more traditional blues guitar players, many rock guitarists have a strong background in blues and here are a two modern blues licks that you might enjoy adding to your playing vocabulary from the great Irish guitarist Gary Moore.

Gary Moore was an excellent electric blues guitar player, strongly influenced by guitarists such as Albert King and Peter Green to name just two. Here are a couple of modern blues licks in his more rock influenced style for you to learn.

Both are played over a C7 chord although you can experiment with playing them over the other chords in a standard blues progression too.

Here’s lick 1:

modern blues licks

Here’s Lick 2:

You can find the audio demos of these two licks above for you to check out against the notated music.

Have fun learning these Gary Moore style modern blues licks.

See you next time,