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Posted below are some examples of the type of session guitar parts and tracks I regularly record as an online session guitarist. For copyright reasons, I have had to avoid placing many of the actual session guitar parts or final mixes on here, but rather emphasise the type of work I can do for different musical clients. Please note that some of these are not final mixes and were used as demos for clients.

Each of the tracks showcase different session guitar styles and techniques, covering Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Ambient and Country genres etc. There are also some examples of brief soundtrack style backings I have worked on too. On some occasions I have also been asked to ‘play in the style of’ a particular guitarist and there are some examples here which demonstrate that session guitar approach too.

Song For M – This was a basic first demo for a client who wanted a U2 style rock style track with multi-layered guitars. For copyright reasons I can’t post the final mix, but this should give you an idea of the eventual sound.

Morning In The Forest – This client wanted a soundtrack for a video they were making and again this was the first demo I made for him. The title was the theme for the video so I worked with that for the music.

Indian Summer – One of the first demos I recorded when I first began online session guitar work. I wanted to create an Eastern mood with the music and the resulting guitar tracks. Reversed delays on some guitars.

So Tired – A recent track (early 2023) I recorded for the Baltimore based band ‘Passionfix’. Written and mixed by Dave Kelly in the US. Posted here with his kind permission as the track is as yet unreleased.

Bit Country – I’m no Brent Mason, but I was asked to play some Nashville style guitar for this track recorded a few years back for a US client. Strat and Telecaster sounds throughout plus some volume swells.

Where Were You – This is a short excerpt from a well known Jeff Beck instrumental. Hard to play and this was recorded to just test some Marshall sounds with a Strat. Plenty of reverb and delay!

Yes I Do – From an album I recorded with UK singer/songwriter Saffron Byass. Recorded and mixed by my good friend Alex Eden at Factory Studios in Bradford, Yorkshire. Twin guitar solos here as well.

Victim of Love – I played rhythm guitar on this Whitesnake style rock track which was for Leonard Pospichal in Austria. Features Thomas Blug on guitar as well. Plenty 80s guitar tones here.

Pete Sklaroff is one of the UK’s most sought after online session guitarists.  In a career spanning over three decades, he has played on countless recordings. He has remotely recorded for clients in over 20 countries worldwide and alongside his recording work and guitar teaching, he is also the author of several best selling instructional books now available on Amazon.

I have over 30 years industry experience working as a professional performing/recording session guitarist. I have recorded on numerous musical projects including full albums and singles, film soundtracks, advertising jingles, software demonstrations, corporate video compilations and library music to name just a few.

Stylistically, as an online session guitarist I can cover most popular styles of electric guitar playing including Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Ambient, Folk, Hard Rock/Metal, Blues and New Age/World. 

If however you have a particular (or unusual) stylistic requirement, then please just e-mail me to discuss the type of online session guitar player you might need for your project. I also read standard music notation/tab should you require me to work from printed/handwritten music or leadsheets.

More and more musicians are now recording in their own home studios using DAWs (e.g. Pro Tools, Studio One, Cubase etc.) to produce their tracks rather than use the more expensive option of recording at a full sized studio..

Whilst this trend has enabled many independent artists to oversee the entire recording/mixing process themselves (rather than use separate producers, arrangers, mixing engineers etc.) it also requires a lot of work/specialist skills from one person, which can be potentially overwhelming if you are on a tight schedule or limited budget.

Unless you are a skilled multi-instrumentalist, you may also find that you need the services of other musicians for drum tracks, keyboard parts and session guitar tracks for example. As mentioned above, this can be especially important if you are working to a strict deadline in producing your music. This used to be one of the main reasons why producers employed session musicians. They got the job done quickly and to a very high musical standard.

In recent years, many musicians have turned their attention to offering session playing skills remotely via the internet. This enables them to supply high quality audio tracks directly to a client in a quick and efficient way. The process saves time and the extra expense of hiring the musician in person. Clients can also download and import the recorded files directly into their DAW and hear the results immediately. Using an online session guitarist can therefore be cost effective and time saving for you as you work on your project.

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