Welcome to the 2023 website for online session guitarist, teacher and author Pete Sklaroff. Please explore the site and have a listen to the various samples of music, covering everything from Jazz through to Blues and Classic Rock.

If you are interested in finding out more about my work as an Online Session Guitarist or are looking for information about Skype Jazz Guitar lessons, then please just follow the various links in the menu above or click on the highlighted photos below, which will take you to additional pages within the website for more detailed information and booking etc. If you’d like to get in touch there are e-mail links throughout the site and I usually reply within 24 hrs or sooner to any enquiries. Many thanks for visiting the site!

Pete Sklaroff is one of the UK’s most sought after and respected guitarists and a highly experienced music educator/performer and online session guitarist. He has been a professional musician for over 30 years, touring and recording both in the UK and overseas.

Online Session Guitarist

Skype Guitar Lessons

Guitar Publications

My primary professional work is as an online session guitarist collaborating with musicians  over the internet. This year alone I have recorded for clients based in the USA, Canada, Austria, Japan and also the UK where I am based.

From my home studio. I can record HQ guitar tracks ranging from single rhythm  parts through to complex multi-layered arrangements which are constructed to perfectly fit your musical vision. 

For more details on what I could potentially bring to your current or future projects, please visit the Online Session Guitarist page within this website. 

I have over 25 years experience as a music teacher at higher education level and now offer Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons. I specialise primarily in modern jazz guitar styles and  improvisational language/harmonic techniques. 

I am a former Head of Jazz Studies/Assistant Head of Music at Leeds Conservatoire (a higher education music conservatoire in the UK) and have studied jazz improvisation and harmony with Charlie Banacos and Garry Dial in the US amongst others.

If you are interested in Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons, please visit the dedicated page within the website for more information.

I am the author of several instructional guitar books (all available on Amazon) and also regularly co-author with music publishers both in the UK and the US. 

I have a long running association with the Fundamental Changes music publishing company in the UK and have contributed hundreds of audio examples for their publications, as well as transcribing and copying music scores.

I have also co-authored several instructional guitar books with the same company.

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