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I have been teaching guitar since the late 1980s and specialise in Jazz, Classic Rock and Blues styles. I was the Head of Jazz Studies, Assistant Head of Music and Guitar Bass Instrumental Coordinator at Leeds College of Music in the UK.

I have studied with many great teachers including US jazz guru Charlie Banacos. Read more below about my Skype guitar lessons.


I have been teaching Jazz guitar for 30 years and was the Head of Jazz Studies at Leeds College of Music in the UK. I also studied with several jazz greats including the late Charlie Banacos in the US.

I cover swing, bebop and modern jazz guitar styles as well as jazz harmony and improvisation. You will learn the foundations of jazz guitar, how to improvise and also the common harmonic progressions.


I cover everything from classic through to modern era guitar players. All lessons are available in tab, so you won’t have to read music notation and my emphasis is on playing music so you won’t have endless theory to wade through either.

Lessons cover well known songs and instrumentals and full notes and backing tracks are included with each lesson as well. Rhythm guitar styles are covered as well as soloing.


Blues guitar is not just about playing the blues scale over three chords and has it’s own distinct language and melodic vocabulary. You will study the licks and approaches of all the electric guitar blues greats and how to play their songs accurately.

You also learn how to bend strings and add blues vibrato exactly as the great blues musicians did as well as play authentic blues rhythm guitar.


Outside of studying Jazz, Rock and Blues guitar styles, I also offer Skype guitar lessons which will focus on other popular electric guitar styles such as RnB, Soul, Pop and Funk.

If you want to learn about playing great and authentic sounding rhythm parts or how to layer multiple guitars on recordings then these lessons can really help you achieve your goals. I can also cover how to use effects and different guitar tones.


Here are my current terms and conditions for Skype guitar lessons for 2019. Please take a moment or two to read through these. All students (and myself) are bound by these conditions so please read them before requesting or paying for any lessons.

Skype Teaching Terms and Conditions PDF – 2019

Pete Sklaroff - Guitarist

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3 Lessons (3 x 1 hr)
Suitable for short course
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Extended Lesson Bundle
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5 Lessons (5 x 1 hr)
Medium length course
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