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Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons

Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons - Overview

Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons

Overview of Lessons

Learn the Art of Improvisation via Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons. Study the great jazz standards as well as contemporary compositions. Learn how to improvise fluently, accompany other musicians and also play solo chord arrangements. You can now study worldwide from any country and without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Skype video calls are completely free and all you need to begin studying jazz guitar is a webcam, a stable broadband connection and of course your guitar. Skype Lessons are either weekly or fortnightly. 

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I conduct my Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons in a very friendly and supportive manner. These lessons are designed to help you progress quickly and within a proven and effective  program of musical study. All Skype jazz guitar lessons are of one hour’s duration and are fully supported by clearly notated PDF notes and MP3 backing tracks. I also offer email support (between lessons) if you have any questions relating directly to the lesson material we’ve discussed.

Backing Tracks and PDFs

Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons

Lesson Requirements

You will need a stable broadband internet connection and the free Skype software to connect with me. Once you have signed up for a lesson (or a package of Skype jazz guitar lessons) we will exchange Skype contact details in advance of the first session.  I also request that students commit to either weekly or fortnightly lessons if they are on a (discounted) package deal. (btw – If you aren’t a jazz player, but would still like some guitar lessons, please do send me an e-mail,  as I also teach other styles of electric guitar playing – blues/rock/funk etc.)

Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons – Details

Additional Information about Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons

More Lesson Details

Skype Jazz Guitar LessonsIn the columns below, I have listed some of the more common subject areas I teach at three student levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level Jazz Guitar. These subject areas are offered as indicative content and not as a complete representation of the material I may cover in lessons.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in lessons, but not sure what level you might be at the moment. I also ask all potential new students to send me a short audio/video performance of your playing. This needn’t be more than a couple of minutes long, but must demonstrate some chord work and single-line playing (either improvised or from a transcription)

Please do also read the full terms and conditions for my Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons in the PDF located in this link: Skype-and-Online-Teaching-Terms-and-Conditions 2020

Unfortunately, I don’t teach complete beginners currently, so some prior knowledge of basic chord forms, scales and arpeggios would be helpful for you to gain the maximum benefit from these lessons.

Skype Jazz Guitar LessonsAll lessons include free backing tracks and PDF notes.

  • Directly record lessons via Skype in MP4 video (personal use only)
  • New! – Many lesson examples now available on Soundslice (audio/video)
  • Larger Lesson Packages also now available (discounted)
  • Lessons are available for music students or those studying for music examinations/auditions e.g. Rockschool etc.
  • All lessons fully tabbed out in Guitar Pro (no need to be able to read standard music notation)
  • New! – Blues and Rock Guitar Lessons (available on request)
  • Backing tracks now available in any key and at any tempo
  • Improvisation and theory lessons also available for non-guitarists (bass, saxophone etc.)
Beginner Jazz Guitarists

Beginner topics may include:

Easy Jazz Standards
The II V I progressions
Drop 2 and 3 chord forms
Jazz rhythm and time-feel
Basic scales and arpeggios
Chord melody essentials
Learning songs
Learning the fingerboard
Jazz blues progressions
Chord extensions and alterations
Understanding Jazz chord symbols
Guide tone playing
Basics of chord substitution
Chord/Scale theory

Intermediate Jazz Guitarists

Intermediate topics may include:

More Jazz Standards
Turnarounds and Cycles
More extended and altered chords
Time-feel, swing and groove
Symmetrical scales
Approach notes and chromatics
Jazz language and vocabulary
Using modes correctly
The Bebop scales
Pentatonic scales in Jazz
Fixed note groupings
Solo guitar and chord melody playing
Chord on chord substitutions
Quartal Harmony

Advanced Jazz Guitarists

Advanced topics may include:

Advanced Jazz Repertoire
Coltrane Cycles
Modern voicings for the II V I
Triads over Bass Notes
Advanced rhythmic concepts
Alternative scales for improvisation
Transcription analysis
Using motifs in soloing
Advanced chord melody playing
Using clusters and set intervals
Advanced chord substitution
Triad pairs and hexatonics
Transcription analysis/projects

Testimonials and Reviews

ImageImageImageImageImageImageSkype Jazz Guitar LessonsSkype Jazz Guitar LessonsImage
“…Pete is one of our finest educators and a truly awesome guitarist with flawless technique, great imagination and a gift for clear communication – these skills are backed up by some of the clearest materials (PDFs, videos and backing tracks) available anywhere! We were students together ‘back in the day’ and his continuing development is inspiring! …”
Malcolm MacFarlane
Jazz Guitarist/Composer
…Pete Sklaroff is rightly regarded as a living legend in my part of the world. Pete very quickly spotted that I was trying to play B# Demented with a flattened 14th, before I really knew where C Major was. Without crushing my enthusiasm, he gently pointed me in the right direction…”
Jamie Taylor
Jazz Guitarist/Composer
“…Pete is a superb tutor and exemplary musician with decades of experience. I have known Pete for over 30 years and believe he has intuitive empathy for learners at all levels. I know this as a teacher myself (of other subjects) Very few tutors are quite as gifted, patient and likely to inspire as him…”
Graeme M.
Teacher & Musician
“…Pete’s a really great player and a highly respected teacher. And he’s as sincere as anyone I know about getting his students to a better place…”
Mike Walker
Jazz Guitarist/Composer
“…Pete has what seems to be several lifetimes of musical knowledge, and is very generous with passing it along. A gift for teaching doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with being a great musician, but in Pete’s case, it does…”
Joshua Gordis
Online Student
“…If you want top class guitar tuition then look no further than Pete Sklaroff. What’s even better is that he can play everything he teaches. Pete has unbelievable playing skills and can switch from jazz to rock like no one I’ve come across before. Highly recommended…!!
Johnny Hall
Online Student
“…Pete Sklaroff has proven to be the best guitar teacher I’ve ever found. Excellent lessons and very well thought out. After just six lessons with him my guitar playing had advanced more than it had done in the previous six years! Yes, he’s that good!…”
Mark Taylor
Online Student
“…If you want to take some giant steps in your playing and have a great time, too, I recommend online lessons with Pete Sklaroff!!.."
Steve Sellers
Online Student
"...I've been working with Pete [and I live in the western States] since before the new year: he's one of the most focused, talented, enthusiastic, and organized educators you will ever find! Each lesson gives weeks' (if not months') worth of material that will help you get where you want to go! HIGHLY recommended!!..."
Marc Y.
Online Student

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Lesson Pricing 2020

All Lessons Inclusive of Backing Tracks and PDFs
All Skype Jazz Guitar lessons are inclusive of backing tracks and PDF notes directly related to the lesson material you will be studying with me.
Learn from the comfort of your Own Home
Provided you have a good broadband connection and a webcam, there are no other costs involved in studying via Skype. Zoom video software is also available if you prefer this format.
Record the Lesson for Later Study
You can record each of your lessons in MP4 video format directly from within the Skype software. This facility is free for all students and is for your personal use only.
E-Mail Support and Additional Help
I offer free e-mail support to all students in between lessons should you have any questions regarding the lesson material. I aim to reply to all e-mails within 24 hrs.
Learn with an Expert Teacher
I have 30+ years experience as a music teacher and offer you a friendly and supportive environment to help you develop as a player. Please read the testimonials above to see what others have thought of the Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons.
Single 1 x 1 hr Skype Lesson
Monthly or single lesson
Suitable for short term study
This lesson comprises a single 1 hr Skype video lesson. Inclusive of PDF files and audio tracks
5 x 1hr Skype Package
Weekly or every two weeks
For medium term study
This lesson package comprises a 5 x 1 hr Skype video lessons. Inclusive of PDF files and audio tracks
10 x 1hr Skype Package
Weekly or every two weeks
Suitable for longer term study
This lesson package comprises a 10 x 1 hr Skype video lessons. Inclusive of PDF files and audio tracks

E-mail me for lesson enquiries or recording work

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