‘Sleep’ by Steve Morse

‘Sleep’ by Steve Morse

Steve MorseHere is an excerpt from a very expressive piece written by the legendary Dixie Dregs and Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse. Morse is not only a world-class electric guitarist, but also a fine classical player and composer.

Very typical of his overall style, this composition has some great classical sounding harmony and works as a terrific picking study too. You could try playing this fingerstyle, with a hybrid picking style, or with just a pick alone. Make sure to let the individual notes ring as much as possible too – as it really enhances the harmony.

Here’s an MP3 of the music (see below) so that you can hear how it sounds played at tempo. Remember to practice the piece very slowly at first and then gradually build it up from there.

If you like this composition be sure to check out the albums Steve Morse recorded before he joined Deep Purple, especially the Dixie Dregs (later just called The Dregs)




Enjoy it!