Wes Montgomery Style Jazz Lines

Three Wes Montgomery Style Jazz Lines

Pat Martino LinesWes Montgomery was one of the greatest jazz guitarists of all time and unique both in terms of his playing technique and improvisational approach. Using his thumb rather than a pick, he produced an incredibly rich sound on the instrument. His chord work and single-line soloing are without equal and he has influenced countless other jazz guitarists. The three sample lines below are designed to demonstrate a little of his approach to jazz improvisation.

These lines are taken from a new book just published by the Fundamental Changes music publishers and now available on Amazon. ‘100 Classic Jazz Licks for Guitar’ also includes many ‘in the style of’ lines by other legendary jazz guitarists, ranging from Django Reinhardt to Pat Metheny.

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wes montgomery


wes montgomery


wes montgomery


OK that’s it for this lesson…enjoy these Wes Montgomery style lines…

Happy Practicing!